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Fees Calculator

At Conveyancing HQ, we understand that not all settlements are the same. To enable Conveyancing HQ to provide you with a customised quote please contact our office on 9478 6677 or via email. This will help Conveyancing HQ to ensure your quote is accurate and based on the services you require.

There are many variables in calculating duty payable on your purchase.

Non Residential Properties classed as “Non Residential” pay the standard rates of duty. Non Residential properties include vacant residential land where no building contract has been entered into, established commercial/retail or industrial properties and vacant non-residential land. Buyers of vacant residential land are not entitled to the reduced residential rates of duty unless a building contract is in place prior to the date of Settlement. You may apply in the approved form for a reassement at the residential rate of duty if you fit the requirements set out by the Department of Finance (we recommend you discuss this with our office in more detail) .

Residential Buyers of properties classed as Residential are entitled to a reduced rate of duty known as the Residential rate of duty. Residential properties include all established properties used for residential purposes e.g. house/unit/townhouse etc.